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Photo: courtesy of Emilia Bolea

One of the most interesting aspects of Tenerife is its way to adapt to all ages and the Camel Park is one of the best examples.

Based in La Camella, this farm is suitable for children and adults alike and together with the pleasure of enjoying the surrounding natural views and the animals in the park, it allows you to take small tours (a safari) on a camel.

Camels in Tenerife? Yes, why not? Although the Canary Islands belong to Spain, they are actually closer to Morocco, and Africa is home for camels.

As many realities in Tenerife, the Camel Park is a small family business run with passion by a fistful of individuals, so don’t expect all the corporate mentality you might be familiar with at home and that you find in bigger parks. Be prepared to accept a more friendly and heartfelt approach.

This is a great and safe place for children, entertaining and educational, and also very enjoyable for the adults.

The park organizes tours on camel (you have to book them in advance) and offers also some snacks produced locally.

During your tour, one of the staff members will take a picture of you on your camel, to remember your excursion. The picture is not included, but the price is reasonable and there is no pressure on buying.

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Photo: Courtesy of Emilia Bolea

At the time this article is written (November 2016) prices are as follows.

  • 50 minutes safari + appetizer: 40 Euros (20 Euros for children)
  • 30 minutes safari + appetizer: 25 Euros (13 Euros for children)
  • 20 minutes safari + appetizer: 15 Euros (8 Euros for children)


Every day from 10 AM to 5 PM.



Exit 72 from the motorway.
You can reach Camel Park with your own (or rented) car or by taxi. There is a comfortable and safe parking lot available.

The park offers also a pick up service with its minivan for people based in the Southern part of the island.
Places are limited and it is better to book in advance.
If you book with us your excursion, please specify your hotel in the comments area.

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