What is this website about?

Tenerife is a very popular place if you want to make a variety of excursions, but selecting the excursions provider can be difficult and the quality of the service plays a big difference. We take the excursions for you and review them, telling you which ones we liked the most, so you can make an informed choice.

Can I buy an excursion from your website?

Yes, and please, do that! If we sell an excursion the company gives us a small commission we use to run this website.

I need something special, can you help me?

Contact us with an e-mail. Tell us all your needs (date, your location, number of people and age of children). We might be able to help. Special projects include private charters for boat parties and boat excursions, renting a mini bus with a driver or a tailored guided tour.

Do you make your own excursions?

No, we have contacts with the companies that provide the excursions in Tenerife. We try them, review them and in case you are interested, we put you in contact with the ones we like the most. That is how we ensure a high quality service.

Does the excursion cost more if I buy it from you?

No, companies we sell excursions for give us a small commission. We respect the official price (no hidden fees) and from time to time we are even able to negotiate special offers for you.

How can I pay?

Our website is optimized to accept PayPal or a credit/debit card. For the most of the excursions you just need to pay a deposit to show you are purchasing the excursion in good faith and finish paying the day of your excursion, directly to the company.

Why do you need a deposit?

To reserve your seats we need to show the company you are in good faith, otherwise, having no shows represents a problem for the company. The amount of deposit depends on the conditions each excursions company sets and you will finish paying for your excursion the day you take it.

What happens if I can’t go to my excursion?

Contact us as soon as possible and at least 24 hours before your excursion. We might be able to book it for another day.

Can I get my deposit back if I change my mind?

We don’t keep your deposit, and generally speaking, if you change your mind you lose your deposit. However, you lose just the deposit and not the full amount you should pay for your excursion.
In case of special circumstances (bad weather, the company cancels the excursion) you will get refunded.

How do I get refunded of my deposit?

In case the company cancels the excursion you will get refunded of the deposit you paid. If that happens, please let the company contact us straight away or if it is not possible, contact us the same day.

Refunds could take up to 5 days.

I am an Excursions provider, how can we collaborate?

Write us using our contact form or drop us an e-mail at info@bestintenerife.com.