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teide_rocasOne of the most popular organized excursions to visit Mount Teide is done by bus and it is called Half Day Teide [Teide Medio Dia].

If you are looking for something relaxing and a bit cultural, this is definitely something for you.

This excursion runs every day, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. We tried both and we can’t really say that one is better than the other.

It is nice to be at the Teide in the morning, and especially during summer time, avoiding the warm weather is a definite plus, yet being there during sunset is another great experience.

This excursion starts from the South of the island. There are a few meeting points and you will know which one is yours when you book your excursion.

After that, while on the bus a guide speaking a variety of languages (possibly even yours) starts explaining curiosities of the island and little known facts of the landscape you see.

The first stop is usually after around 45 minutes, at Villaflor: a nice little town in the mountain, the last inhabited village before reaching your destination.
After a break for a coffee and refresh yourself, you continue your trip through the National Park of the Teide. Here, depending on the program, you might also do a stop to see the Pino Gordo [Fat Pine]: an incredibly huge tree surrounded by a fascinating legend.
Before or after reaching the base of the cable car, it is very likely that you will make a stop at Los Roques de Garcia for having a walk and taking pictures of this breathtaking place.wp_20150828_016

Later, you will reach camp base and you will be faced with two options:

1 – Taking the cable car.

2 – Visiting the desert through the various observatories.

Both are very good options. If you want to get the cable car there is an additional cost (at the time this article is written is 27 Euros) and you can take your ticket directly on the bus. Be prepared, though, to make a long cue when you go up and when you get down.

The cable car takes more or less 10 minutes and then you will be able to enjoy 3 paths (of which just 2 are accessible, unless you have a special permit).

If you choose this option, it is a good idea to bring a jacket, because depending on the season, temperatures reach also below zero.

The second option is free of charge. There are many observatories where you can enjoy the beauties of the desert. Depending on the guide, they might leave you a time on your own or take you their favorite places.teide from the top

Things to consider:

If you get the cable car you might experience a drastic change of temperature in just a few minutes. It is better to be prepared and take a jacket.


At the time of this article being written, these are the average costs:

Adult: 25 Euros.

Child (4 to 11): 15 Euros.

Child (less than 4): Free.

For a pricing list of the Cable Car, please click here.

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