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One of the most popular winter excursions is the island La Gomera, which is just an hour by boat from


Why is it considered a winter excursion? Because during winter there are more people interested in cultural tourism, while in summer water sports are more popular. Nevertheless, if you happen to be in Tenerife in summer and you want to go to La Gomera, the quality of the excursion will be as good.

There are 3 main options to reach La Gomera: hiring a car, a jeep tour and our favorite, an organized tour by bus.

The bus tour is what we review today.

There is a good number of pick ups close to the major hotels and the excursion bus comes early in the morning. If you are based in Fanabe/Las Americas/Los Cristianos the departure will be a bit before 8 AM, if you are located in less popular areas, the departure will be earlier.

The ferry to La Gomera is in the docks of Los Cristianos.

After roughly one hour you reach San Sebastian, the capital of the island, and you will have some time to visit the town.

Later you will head to the north of the island. The bus will make several stops during the day and these will depend mostly on your tour guide and the traffic conditions (if a place is too crowded the guide might decide to skip one stop and go in another place).

Lunch is usually included, unless you ask not to take it, and in the restaurant there is always a show where a performer will show you how the people of La Gomera used to communicate long distance before the mobile phone was in fashion, developing a complex language based on whistling.


The most interesting part of this tour however is the prehistoric forest, with plants that grow up just in this island and are preserved by UNESCO

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At the time this article has been written, the prices for the bus tour to La Gomera are as follows:

  • Adult (lunch included): 64 Euros.
  • Child (between 2 and 11 years old): 32 Euros.
  • Infant (between 0 and 2): conditions apply.

Impaired people:

This excursion is suitable for impaired people. Be sure to mention your condition when you book the excursion, to reserve a seat close to the bus driver.


If you have allergies, you are intolerant to certain food, you are vegetarian or your religion does not allow you to eat something be sure to mention it to the company while you book your tour, so they can advise the restaurant and ask to prepare something especially made for you.

Important things to remember:

  • There are some security procedures to get into the boat and you will need to to take your ID with you, or you will be denied boarding.
  • La Gomera might be a lot colder and humid than Tenerife, it is a good idea to bring a jacket with you.
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