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The best thing to start your day and charge you with energy in Tenerife is with a bit of exercise and our favorite way is doing some yoga by the sea early in the morning.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, the fresh air of the morning mixed with the iodine of the sea is a blend no coffee can match.

Romina Rossi of Yogaenti runs classes in Playa De Las Americas early in the morning 3 times a week. This course is soft and especially focuses on stretching and respiration to clean and prepare the body for the day.

The group is very friendly and easygoing and it’s composed by affectionate people who live locally and tourists that take advantage of the experience for just one week.

The degree of difficulty depends very much on how trained you are, so you can do the exercises in a soft way if you are a newbie, or in a stronger way if you have experience, following Romina’s indications.
There is no competition with the others, and it’s all about finding your harmony.

Tips from the Teacher:

  • Have your breakfast AFTER your yoga session. Do your yoga at empty stomach to maximize the results.
  • After your yoga session, have fruits and cereals for your breakfast.


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