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  1. I need to set repeatable events all the year around. At the moment I can just select any day. Excursions run on different days.
  2. There are excursions that are shorter or longer, depending on the day and time. So for each excursion there are 3 variations: a). Length of the excursion; b). Time of the excursion; c). When the excursion takes place (check here as an example:
  3. At the moment the booking process is counter-intuitive. If I want to book the tour for 2 adults and 2 children I have to select the date for the adults, book it, then do it again and select again the date for the children. Chances of making a mistake increase, it should be all at once (select the date between the ones available, select the number of adults, select number of children and finish).
  4. The field YOUR LOCATION is fictional. In reality there will be 30 or more locations. At the moment each one interacts with the other fields (adult, child, infant), each one requires to set a price. If this was a real product, we would have hundreds of variations. We need to find a way to make these fields independent from the price, so the customers will select a location, then the type of ticket.
  5. I need a box DO YOU NEED A PICK UP? that triggers other boxes. There are excursions that require a driver to come and pick up the customers, others have a meeting point. If they need a pick up, a box SELECT YOUR LOCATION will appear. One of the options will be I DON’T SEE MY LOCATION, the following box will be WRITE HERE YOUR LOCATION IF YOU HAVEN’T FOUND IT (see example here:
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A luxurious private experience for your group, an excursion of 8 hours that includes lunch.

The excursion starts at around 9 in the morning. You are going to be picked up at your hotel, then you will visit the most interesting observation points on the Mount Teide.

We will stop to have lunch in a typical Canarian restaurant and in the afternoon we will visit the forest, where our guide will tell you many interesting facts about the nature of the island.

This excursion is suitable for people looking for an experience close to nature.

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Afternoon, Morning