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Tenerife is a great place for doing sport outside in the open air, and this is especially true during Winter time, when it is cold and snowy at your home place. Here in the south of the island it is almost always sunny and a lot of people (professionals and amateurs) decide to spend some time to get fit with a personal trainer in this fantastic place.

Our body responds well to the physical stress when the temperature is agreeable, and this is one of the reasons it is not unusual to find some famous sports people training at the Stadium.

Whether you want to keep fit, lose some weight, train professionally or experiment something new, the Island offers you many qualified professionals able to assist and guide you during your training.

We collaborate with international personal trainers coming from all over the World. They all speak English and Spanish.


After booking your package and a starting date for your training, one of our consultants will liaise with you to establish a good time and place to start your training.

To get more information, or to get a solution tailored to your needs, feel free to write to us at

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  • 1 Personal Class: 25 Euros
  • 6 Personal Classes: 150 135 Euros
  • 1 Class for your group (max 5 people): 55 Euros
  • 6 Classes for your group: 330 300 Euros

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One Individual, 6 Individual, One With Your Group (max 5 people), 6 With Your Group (max 5 people)