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Quad Safari in TenerifeThere are several ways to see Mount Teide while you are in Tenerife and one of the most adventurous is doing a Quad Safari.

We tried this excursion for you with one of the best companies: Quad Safari.

There are 2 excursions now available: the 3 hours tour called Forest and the 4 hours tour called Teide. The difference? Just a few, but mainly, in the 4 hours tour you have one more hour of fun.

We did the 4 hours tour and enjoyed it very much.

The company works in the South of Tenerife. They come and pick you up from your hotel with their minivan and take you to their headquarters.

Here, you meet your group, you try the helmet and the jacket, then you ride a quad on their circuit to get some practice.

When everyone feels comfortable, it’s time to go!

The excursions lasts 3 or 4 hours from this moment, sometimes longer if the group responds well. You will be taken to see Mount Teide using smaller routes that you can’t take on a car.

QuadThe excursion has both on and off road parts. This depends both on the skills of the drivers and on the weather conditions. The, Matteo, is a very nice person, he likes to have fun, but he also makes the safety of each member of the group a priority. He decides where to go based on his experience and everyone is bound to respect his decisions.

You will enjoy riding inside the National Park of Teide (there are some roads where you can comfortably drive) and the beautiful views from the Teide, making some stops to rest from time to time, to know something about the history of this amazing place and the films that have been shot here (a lot of Westerns, Star Wars and The Fast and The Furious, just to name a few).

During your tour you will also have time to take a break in the lovely town of Villaflor and make some shopping of local products.

This excursion is highly recommended if you feel adventurous in Tenerife.

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Long trousers are a must.

You will be provided with a jacket, but that’s mainly to protect your clothes from the dirt.
Especially if you are doing this excursion in Winter, remember to dress in order to be prepared for low temperatures. Even if where you are staying is warm, on the Mount Teide the temperature could be considerably lower.

Using a pair of gloves is a good idea against low temperature.

Very important:

You will need to have your driving license with you.


At the moment of this article being written, these are the costs of the excursion:

quadTeide Tour (4 hours)

Single: 88 Euros

Double: 98 Euros

Forest Tour (3 hours)

Single: 78 Euros

Double: 88 Euros

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