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los cristianosThe best thing to get a grasp of Tenerife when you just arrive is to rent an electric scooter and make your own personalized town tour.

This gives you freedom to explore without being tied to an organized tour, cover relatively long distances and stop any time you like to admire the landscape, drink something or take a bathe in a nearby beach.

We tried this excursion for you and went to Los Cristianos using an e-bike, a mini scooter and a double e-scooter, and these are our impressions:


There are many companies renting these vehicles. Prices are usually similar, but there is a big difference in the quality of the vehicles and the assistance if you have difficulties while enjoying your tour.

None of them requires a license.

We took our vehicles at Renny 20 – Rent, which is one of the best companies, based in Las Americas. They recently received a cargo with the new electric vehicles, so everything is new at the moment.
Unlike the most of the companies (where you have to go get the scooter by yourself) Renny 20 Rent come and deliver your eco vehicle directly in the place of your choice.

Another very good point on their favor, if you ever experience trouble (for example you are running short on battery) you just have to stop by the nearest hotel and call them, and they will do their best to come and assist you within 15 minutes.


Price starts from 8/10 Euros an hour and decreases if you take it for longer, until 2.5 Euros if you take it for 12 hours.

You usually have to give a deposit of 25 Euros when you rent it and the company will give it back to you at the end of your excursion.
It’s fast and easy to maneuver.

You can use it just on the sidewalks and on the zebras to cross the street. You can’t use it on the streets and in some popular areas close to the sea.

The down side of the mini scooter is that the battery dries out pretty fast (4 hours tops) and if you rent it for longer periods of time you have to call the company or go to their office to change it.


Scooters are very popular and you can find 3 main types:scooter

  • SINGLE: Price starts from 27 Euros a day.
  • DOUBLES: Price starts from 44 a day.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR LIMITED MOBILITY: You can rent them by the week for a cheaper price.

All of them require a deposit of 50 Euros that you will get back at the end of your excursion.

You can use them all on the sidewalks but just the ones for mobility impaired people can go on the street.

They have an autonomy of around 40 Km and you can recharge them in most of the hotels or apartments.

Singles (also called Athenas) and doubles have 3 wheels, limited mobility vehicles have 4 and run at a significant lower speed.


This is definitely our favorite option, because you can use this vehicle as a normal bike or a relaxing tool that will do most of the job for you.

Price is usually 20 Euros per day (most of the companies will consider the day over when they close the shop, while a few will let you keep the vehicle for 24 hours). and you have to give a deposit of 25 Euros.

This is the only vehicle you can use on the sidewalk and on the street as you please, and if by any chance you remain out of battery, you can still use it as a normal bike.

Some bikes can run up to 45 Km per hour, although we recommend not using them for races 🙂

The experience is very relaxing, and unless you want to make some moto with them, they don’t require any effort from your side.

Check the photos of our excursion to Los Cristianos in our FaceBook Page!

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