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couple_snorkelingBy Ekaterina Lavrentyeva

Scuba diving is one of the most popular water activities in Tenerife. The Atlantic ocean offers incredible dives to watch the abundant marine life and volcanic landscapes. Beginners can easily try scuba diving (try dives are arranged with personal instructors) or do a PADI course to learn this amazing kind of sport and get the diving license. Certified divers can choose between numerous dive sites and enjoy their underwater vacations.

Dive sites

There is a huge variety of dive sites in Tenerfie, that´s why divers come back again and again to explore more underwater places. First of all, Tenerife is famous for its volcanic landscapes that you can see in very few places of the world. Due to the volcanic origin of Tenerife, there are hundreds of lava flows that solidfied underwater in so many different ways. It´s a perfect home for fish and marine animals. Wreck divers are always happy to explore drowned ships that are situated on different coasts. The most impressive one is just off shore the village Tabaiba, the wreck is rather new and easy to be penetrated. Dive sites where you can see huge ocean rays, angel sharks, families of morenas always leave the best memories of the Atlantic. As the ocean is full of life it makes each dive a fantastic experience.

What do you need to try scuba diving?

You need only the desire to do it! No previous experience is required, no licenses, no special swimming skills. During try dives we provide each of you with a personal instructor that will take care of you all the time of dive and show you the beauty and true treasures of the underwater world.

Snorkelingscuba diving

Another way to see beauty of the ocean is to go snorkeling. The snorkelers are divided into small groups and are guided by professional instructors. From the surface we observe schools of fish, sea stars, lava flows and so on.

What to take?

You only need to bring a bathing suit and towel, as all equipment is given in the dive center (for try dives and courses for free, for certified divers extra). The pick ups are arranged from the hotels or apartments where the divers stay


It is advised not to dive 24 hours before your flight.


Try dive 20 min – 75 euros
Try dive 40 min – 95 euros
Two dives for certified divers – 70 euros
Open Water Diver course – 360 euros
Snorkeling – 39 euros
Photos: Courtesy of Diving Atlantis Tenerife
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